A sustainable gift this Christmas | Aqua Bottle News

Give the gift of sustainability this Christmas with one of our Aqua bottles. Bottled water is a thing of the past and an unnecessary expense. It doesn’t matter who you are looking to buy for, be it your mum, dad, partner, or friend - anyone can benefit from a reusable bottle!

Our prices range from £12 to £18 with three different sizes to offer: 350ml, 500ml and 750ml. Each of these bottles also come in a selection of colours, so you can choose a bottle that matches the person you are buying it for!
Your gift will arrive in a recycled and recyclable package, perfectly matching our ethos whilst maintaining a stylish look.

It is so much easier now to refill your bottle, with refill stations becoming more and more prominent across the country. Companies including Refill and Wessex Water are on a mission to reduce the use of single-use plastic and boost awareness of the importance of their effect. Wessex Water has recently installed water refill points in towns and cities across the western region and through these hope to reduce the use of single-use water bottles and lessen the impact they have on the planet.

Why are stainless steel bottles better than all the rest? Firstly, they are corrosion resistant, which means they last a lot longer than glass or plastic. Stainless steel is also 100% recyclable, food-grade safe and BPA free, meaning they don’t seep chemicals when exposed to heat. So, not only do reusable bottles help to benefit our environment but they are also a lot safer and healthier for our bodies.
If you are stuck for any ideas as to what to get people for Christmas, gift them an Aqua bottle! They also come with a free carabiner, so you can have it with you whether you go!