Be sustainable with AQUA Bottle

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is the need to preserve and support a process continuously over time. Environmental sustainability follows the same rule, with the responsibility of preserving natural resources and protecting our ecosystems. With recent natural disasters being proof of the growing need to change the way we think about our planet’s future, more and more people are embracing a more sustainable lifestyle. But what exactly is a sustainable lifestyle?
A sustainable lifestyle is attempting to reduce the impact on the environment by making suitable changes. It is an understanding of how our lifestyle choices impact everything around us and trying to find a way to live in harmony with our planet. Many people who choose a sustainable lifestyle incorporate reusable products. A reusable product is an item that can fulfil its purpose numerous times before needing to be discarded. These products can be repeatably used compared to their ‘single-use friends’. 
There are many benefits to using reusable items. Check out the list below! 
  • Decreased energy use. Reusing items reduces the air, water and land pollution that goes into discarding waste, creating new products, and even recycling them. Though recycling is still important!
  • Less waste ends up in landfills. Everything that you throw away ends up in a landfill. These landfills constantly release toxins and chemicals that affect the ground and the life around them. Landfills also create greenhouse gases that break down the way the Earth produces oxygen, releasing high amounts of methane – a gas that is twenty times as powerful as carbon monoxide. 
  • Safer Materials. Single-use items usually contain hazardous materials such as BPA. Reusable items are often made from higher-quality plastics or more natural and sustainably sourced materials, that don’t harm their contents. 
  • You Save Money. Purchasing reusable items may cost you more money initially, but in the long run, you will be saving a lot more money. Especially when it comes to water bottles – that is where the AQUA bottle comes in.  

Why should we use reusable water bottles? 

Not all single-use items get recycled! Did you know that a plastic water bottle takes up to 450 years to decompose? 
That one plastic bottle you bought will outlive you by almost four times, so imagine all of the bottles you have bought over the years and where they might be now! 
Using a reusable water bottle could save you from buying around 150 single use bottles a year. In this example, this would cost you an estimated £97.50 (the UK average price of a single-use water bottle is 0.65p). Our most expensive AQUA bottle costs £18, the equivalent of 28 plastic bottles - ultimately saving you over £79 per year. 
 The savings themselves are a big enough reason to start using a reusable water bottle, but why should you switch to an AQUA reusable bottle?
 Our Aqua bottles come equipped with a leakproof; vacuum seal cap, ensuring no water leakage, whilst also maintaining the temperature. Every bottle comes with a removable carabiner, allowing you to always keep your bottle close to you. It is made from premium 304 stainless steel and is 100% BPA free. The bottle also has a double-walled vacuum layer, keeping your liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. 
This lightweight and durable water bottle can be used at home, work, the gym, for sports, in your car, at the beach, camping, hiking, and travelling. Pretty much, in just about any scenario, you can dream up!
350ml pink water bottle being held by it's carabiner in front of a lighthouse.
 Switching to an AQUA bottle could be the first step to leading a more sustainable lifestyle – which bottle will you choose?
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